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Yesterday, data was simply stored and managed. Today, data is an essential differentiator. At Quantum, we believe it’s time to shift the focus from accumulating data to making it work much harder. It’s a new data reality that’s endlessly alive. It’s massively growing, widely distributed, unstructured, and it’s gaining value at every turn. Your video and unstructured data not only needs to be fully protected, but it is also full of possibility. Quantum partners with you so you can shape it, use it, and transform it into the information you need to drive forward. With Quantum, you can enrich, orchestrate, protect, and archive your video and unstructured data, securely and at scale—now and for decades to come.

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Quantum infrastructure solutions help transportation organizations store, analyze, protect, and enrich video surveillance and physical security data.

Featured Benefits

Eliminate Security System Downtime

Quantum solutions are designed to eliminate downtime with advanced system-level data protection technologies and non-disruptive scalability. Intelligent monitoring and analytics ensure they are operating at their optimum health and performance and issues are reported in advance to prevent any issues. Even in the event of hardware failures, video can still be captured, accessed, and analyzed ensuring security directives are never compromised.

Maximum ROI

Applying the best solution to the problem is the foundation for lowering risk and reducing TCO. Quantum’s broad portfolio of software and infrastructure solutions for video surveillance and physical security is both purpose-built for video workloads and purpose-built for transportation projects of any size and scope. Small to large-scale, ruggedized, mission-critical, long-term archive – Quantum has your infrastructure needs covered.

Reduce Cost and Complexity

Software-based intelligence simplifies the management, monitoring, and updating of systems reducing system administration costs. Solutions optimized for long-term archiving of video data significantly reduce storage costs while ensuring that critical video is securely stored and safe from cyber-attacks.

Analyze & Enrich

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Management Platform

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File System

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DXi-Series Backup Appliances

CatDV Asset Management Platform

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