Professional Monitoring System

Firesys - Keep Your Surveillance Devices Alive

Firesys Is a system that monitors devices installed on the network such as CCTV, DVR, Backup power supply equipment,Network Switch, & Other equipment which can notify equipment failure at Main control center And sub-control center & notify the staff by email and / or SMS.

Firesys Features

• Makes it possible to know the overall CCTV system operation, such as where and when damage occurs And has the normal work yet?
• Increase efficiency in maintaining CCTV and network systems.
• Able to manage the CCTV system with the least damage and damage
• Management and maintenance of CCTV systems easily and quickly.
• Can know and fix The spot where the device is damaged quickly
• Reduce the cost of administration to work at all times, 24 hours.
• Reducing crime due to equipment damage
• Create more security for a pleasant society.