Building on the recent recent successes of HID Mercury, HID Global, the world leader in identification solutions. Announcing the launch of the HID Aero (R) platform with an intelligent control panel. The new open-architecture offers businesses and organizations the option to invest in long-term building entry and exit systems to meet evolving needs.

Nelson Fung, Physical Access Control Solutions Asia Pacific Business Product Marketing Manager, HID Global, said: “HID Aero serves even more markets with the features previously available only to large enterprise solutions. It also reduces costs. And manufacturing design sophistication while maintaining control panel hardware. HID Aero provides end-to-end security for conventional applications with encrypted communication. And threat detection systems Including powerful features To comply with regulations Regulations of the organization “Based on more than four million HID Mercury controller hardware in use worldwide, the HID Aero platform enables Provider of access control solutions The solution can be developed faster by including the hardware, firmware, software and other necessary development tools for the benefit of the users.

  • Easily deployable according to requirements: Users can choose from various access control solutions. Available from a variety of software providers, the system can also be easily switched over to new software. And the user can adjust the settings to increase the awareness of the situation as it happens.
  • Lower maintenance and installation costs: HID Aero offers remote manageability with HID card readers that support Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP), including the HID Signo, the launched card reader. Coming soon with built-in OSDP support, eliminating the need for manual commissioning and adjustments.
  • Security from the end to the end From card to server: HID Aero brings a wide variety of features to small businesses. As would normally only be available in large business solutions. Including confirmation of the code of the server and control panel Encryption to protect information And detecting sophisticated threats
  • Proven and reliable technology: Based on HID Mercury hardware and hardware technology, it has been developed with the durability of the previous generation of HID VertX (R) panels, as well as HID Aero. It is also available with HID VertX modules, making upgrades easier.